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As the newest brand to be acquired by Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, Walls® adds new strength to the Williamson-Dickie family of brands in workwear and work-inspired apparel. Every detail in a Walls® product, from the fabric to the construction, is designed to benefit the user. From the ranch, to the oil field, to the duck blind, Walls® products are created by enthusiasts who are passionate about the product and work tirelessly to bring the consumer what they want and need.


Walls is a leading provider of mission-critical, industrial safety, active workwear and sporting goods apparel. Sold under six established company brands, Walls products are developed, engineered and manufactured to offer end users workwear that sets the standard in workplace safety and is recognized for its professional grade, durability, value and functionality. For over 70 years, Walls has designed and engineered products with important functional and safety qualities that workers demand and rely on to perform their daily tasks.

What started as a workwear coverall business in the 1930s, has moved into new apparel categories translating that same approach to quality, durability and value. Walls built its success on new outdoor apparel categories for men, women and children. The Walls expertise in developing durable and comfortable garments with the perfect fit has also expanded into ranch apparel, sporting apparel and flame-resistant workwear over the years.

Today, Walls products are sold under a number of recognizable brand names including 10X®, Realtree, Mossy Oak®, Liberty®, and Big Smith® to name a few. Walls products are distributed throughout North America through volume retailers, department stores, sporting goods retailers, specialty and online retailers.

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