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Workrite Uniform Co. began as a manufacturer of flame-resistant (FR) work apparel, and grew quickly, thanks to innovation, quality products and the booming industrial demand.  Workrite is a market leader in FR apparel.


Workrite Uniform Co. is dedicated to manufacturing flame-resistant garments that measure up to key customer values: extended wear life, performance and protection. Through their multiple brands -- Workrite FR, Dickies FR, Walls FR and Workrite FR Fire Service -- they provide a variety of fabric choices to equip customers for the on-the-job hazards. Their garments are intended to make life at work more comfortable, with a broad product line to fit the diverse needs of industries requiring flame-resistant apparel.

As the market leader in flame-resistant work apparel, Workrite offers a variety of fabric types to accommodate a complete spectrum of performance, budgets and hazards. They remain keenly aware of pertinent safety requirements and maintain a relentless focus on durability and protection. Having been in flame resistant apparel for over 40 years, Workrite Uniform Co. maintains a market-leader position by leveraging the newest in FR fiber and fabric technologies, ensuring customers remain at the forefront of FR garment innovation and performance.

Workrite Uniform Co. serves key business- to-business market segments, including electrical, utilities, oil and gas, chemical, laboratories and fire service throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East.


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